• suzytheexplorer

‌Visiting The Guinness Store House In Dublin‌

Even if you don’t like Guinness, it is still worth doing the tour are it’s lots of fun.

We went to Dublin for a long weekend for a friends birthday and the first thing I thought was that we had to go to the Guinness Store House. It’s so easy to book online and you even get a discount from an online booking. You get an email which you show when you get there and they give you your tickets.

It is huge inside and you are always working your way upwards because at the end you are in the bar at the very top and it has a 360° view of Dublin.

Make sure that you wear comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking and not a huge amount of places to sit down as you are walking around.

You don’t get rushed through at any point and the only times we had to line up for anything was the tasting session and the bar.

You start off and finish in the huge gift shop which has everything you can possibly think of with Guinness on it. They run guided tours that you can join if you want to but we decided to go at it alone and still learnt a lot.

There is a café but it is on the second floor so not everyone feels like stopping at that point but they do a lovely coffee and snacks if you feel like having a little break.

The tour takes you through the history and the process of making Guinness. You start off going through the ingredients and what they contribute to the mixture. Then it’s the process of preparing, mixing and how they get the final product. There are also parts in the tour showing how Guinness was shipped around the world, the change in marketing from the beginning to now and artwork.

There is a special Guinness school where you can use your ticket, which is also a drink token, and be shown how to pull the perfect pint of Guinness at your own pump before drinking it.

When you are in the marketing section, they have 3 green screen booths so that you can put yourself into old marketing posters. Once you are done there are tablets set up for to share the pictures straight to Facebook for free.

You don’t have to do the tasting section if you don’t want to but it is quite interesting. My husband and my friends said that the Guinness tastes differently in Dublin but I’m sorry to say that I still couldn’t get on with it. You are given a little shot glass sized Guinness glass for the tasting. You start off in a bit bright room where you get to smell some of the ingredients, you are given a little talk, then go through to a darker room with your sample for another talk and that’s when you get to try your sample.

At the end of the tour you are in the 360° bar at the top of the building. This is where you can use your drink token for a pink of Guinness or a soft drink if you didn’t take part in the Guinness school. If you don’t have a token, you can buy drinks. The view from the bar is amazing as it looks like you can see for miles and there is writing on the glass to tell you where landmarks are.

Once you are done in the bar, you can take the stairs or the lift back to the ground floor and the gift shop.

The staff that you see around are all really nice and will gladly tall to you about any questions that you have.

I would say to give yourself at least half a day for this tour so that you don’t rush around and see everything.