• suzytheexplorer

Sailing on the ‌Gosport Ferry‌

The Gosport Ferry is the quickest and cheapest way to get to and from Gosport and Portsmouth, it takes a few minutes to get across the water and it’s only £3.60 return.I used the ferry to get from Gosport to Portsmouth to go to the Historic Dockyard and back.

There is a little car park near the ferry terminal which is opposite the bus station but it is only a little car park so keep an eye out for the other car parks nearby if you are turning up by car.

It’s really easy to get a ticket, there are machines with touch screens and it is very easy to follow the instructions. A lot of people use the ferry to get to work so they lots of offers on tickets like 2, 10, 14 and 56 trips tickets for people who may be staying in the area and know that they will want to get back and forth. Here’s the link to check out the prices.

Once you have your ticket, you walk down to the terminal and wait for the next ferry. They are very regular, running every 15 minutes and they usually have 2 ferries running at the same time so you won’t be waiting around for long.

On the ferry, there is loads of seating everywhere if you want to sit down but the crossing really is only about 5 minutes.

They sometimes have deals on with the Historic Dockyard so make sure you check out their website before your visit as it could save you some money.It is also right next to the Portsmouth Harbour train station and the bus information center if you want to explore more of Portsmouth.