• suzytheexplorer

‌My fun afternoon at Glasfryn Parc‌

As part of our trip to Wales we were looking for different activities to do, and during our search, we found Glasfryn Parc.

It’s only up the road from Pwllheli and there is so much to do!

There’s so much that you can do, like:-



10 pin bowling

Kids soft play

Crazy golf

Segway safari

Junior quads

Clay pigeon shooting



Stand up paddle boarding


Course fishing

You can also camp, stay in cottages and have parties there as well.

It’s a brilliant place to spend the day to try different activities, especially when some of them aren’t that expensive.

We gave archery a go and I loved it. I was somehow the only one who didn’t end up with some sort of an injury, don’t worry, no one was shot with an arrow lol.

My husband and our friend Jason have big biceps so sometimes the bowstring would slide over their biceps when they let go. My husband got a slight bruise but Jason came up with a big bruise on his arm.

***One tip for the ladies, if you have big boobs, make sure you position the bow correctly or you will catch your boob. My friend Simone learnt her lesson after the first time lol.

The instructor was great, I believe his name was Baz, he talked up through everything and made sure we were all comfortable with using the bow. We were the only 4 there so anyone that had any problems had one-to-one help from him straight away.

We had half an hour for £7.50 each which I thought was a bargain, especially as we were the only ones there that day so we had the range to ourselves.

We was going to do bowling as well but a group of about 20 kids on a birthday party had turned up just before us and took all the lanes so it’s worth booking in advance if you know you will be going.

They have a great little cafe there are well, we didn’t eat while we were there but the food smelt really nice and there is loads of seating so it’s a great place to chill out for a little while.