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Getting Around New York

New York is massive, I honestly didn't realise how big it was until I got there and I'm not just talking about the size of the buildings. There are loads of ways of getting around and seeing this amazing city so thought I'd tell you about some of the ways that I got around while I was there.

Get A Map

Get one on your phone or a paper one but make sure you do have one. It's easy to get lost with all the streets and tall buildings so have a map so that you can make sure you are still going in the right way. If you do get lost, find a taxi driver or a street vendor as they know where everything is.

We got out map in the lobby of our hotel and the staff were great about chatting to us to show us where we were on the map, what was nearby and how to get to places we wanted to see.


If you want to get somewhere quickly in New York, get on the subway. There are plenty of stations around and paying is easy.

We got the standard pay-as-you-ride ticket which you pre-load with money at the ticket machines and every time you swipe the card in the gate, it takes $2.75 off the card. This is a good one to use if you aren't going to go on the subway much or if you are in a group because everyone can use the same card. Each person will need to swipe the card as they go through the gate so you just need to make sure there is enough money on the card to cover everyone.

There are other travel cards that you can get so make sure that you check out which would be best for you before buying anything.

Open Top Bus

If you want to see the sights without having to do a lot of walking, an open top bus is the best way to get around. You get to see all of the sights from the comfort of your seat, you get an audio or live guide telling you about the places you are seeing, you can get on and off as much as you like, the day passes for the bus sometimes include boat tour and entry to attractions.

You can buy tickets from tour operators in the street or online, I usually book them online as you sometimes get really good deals and it's easy to see the different ticket options.


I love taxi drivers, they are a world of knowledge and most of the time they will gladly have a chat with you about the best places to go in their city. they aren't that expensive either, we used them mainly for short trips of a few miles and never came to more than $15 with the tip. You are also never far from a taxi in New York, they are everywhere lol.


This is a really good way of seeing the city and if you are into walking long distances or for long periods of time, then walking is perfect for you. I'm not very fit and have problems with my feet so this wasn't the best way for me but by walking around you get to see more of the shops, you see the street vendors and you can stop anywhere you want to take in the city. Just make sure that you wear comfy shoes haha.

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