• suzytheexplorer

‌Feathers Bar And Grill‌

I love it here, the food portions on some of the main meals is huge and I’ve never had a bad meal.

My favourite thing to order is the piri piri chicken wings, they are just the right amount of spicy for me without leaving me begging for milk.

My husband likes the burgers because they are always really tasty and come out huge.

It’s a big place but if the football is on, it can get packed really quickly so if you know you are going there for dinner, contact them to book a table.

There is a big outdoor sitting area which is great when it is warm out as there are lots of tables and chairs so that you can enjoy your food outside.

They do food challenges, I did the fiery chicken wings challenge a while a go and fiery was not the word I would use for how spicy those chicken wings were. I like my food spicy, I love getting a vindaloo when we go for a curry but those chicken wings beat me. I was begging my husband to get me a glass of milk as I really did feel like there was a fire in my mouth. He was cheeky and refused but the lovely barmaid saved me by bringing a glass of milk round to me. I’m not even going to go into details about the stomach ache that followed haha.

They have themed nights so on Monday and Tuesday it is Steak That where you get an 8oz rump steak for £5. Fridays is Free Beer Friday where you get a free beer when you buy a steak dinner. Thursdays is BOGOF Burgers and Sundays they have Sunday roasts that are 2 for £12.

This place is basically a great place to come for great food that isn’t too pricey and kids are welcome so the whole family can go.