• suzytheexplorer

‌A fan boat ride in the Everglades‌

We came here as part of a tour with Orlando Ticket Deals as part of our 2 day trip to Miami from Orlando.

We arrived at about midday and there was already quite a lot of people so we couldn’t do the fan boat ride part of the tour straight away. Our tour guide Madeline took us to the little zoo where we got to see a talk by one of the keepers and a massive alligator called Cannibal.

We heard all about the work they do there as all the animals are rescue animals that have been taken to them to get better.

We then got to hold baby alligators, their mouths were taped shut so no one lost a finger or nose haha

We then walked round looking at the other animals like lizards, snakes and birds. A different section of the zoo was where we got a talk from another keeper who told us all about owls and then we got to have a picture with the owl.

Looked round a little bit more and then it was finally our turn to go on the fan boat.

Out captain was called Sean and he was brilliant and so much fun. I would highly highly recommend getting a big pair of sun glasses because I didn’t wear any and the fan boat was going so fast that I had to close my eyes while we were speeding along. My husband had a hat on which he lent me on the way back but if you are going to do that instead of glasses, make sure it’s tied to your head or you are holding it down as it will fly off if it isn’t.

We heard about an alligator what was 15 feet long and sometimes didn’t like the boats so the captains have had to beat him off of boats. I was glad that Sean laughed when he told us because I felt a little scared and started to wonder why I was so insistent on sitting on the edge of the boat haha. I can laugh about it now.

Another thing we were told when we were right out in the everglades, notice the pattern haha, was that the sound of the fan on the fan boat was the same sort of sound that a male alligator makes when he is protecting his territory so that’s why a lot of them come up to the fan boats, they think its another male is coming in to take over. Something else we can now laugh about haha.

We did get to see some alligators that were just swimming around as well as lots of fish and some turtles.

The everglades are a lot shallower than I thought they would be, it was so easy to see everything.

I think we were out on the water for about half an hour so it’s not a long tour but you do get to learn and see a lot.

You can have your picture taken and then have it professional printed onto magnets, keyrings or put in picture frames. We got a few of the keyrings done.

There is a gift shop where you can buy food, drinks and souvenirs. They also have loads of public toilets as well so no need to worry about that.

It was great going there, I wish we’d had longer but as we were on our way to Miami with a tour, we had to stick to the schedule. I would definitely recommend it though and would love to go back to spend more time looking around.