• suzytheexplorer

‌My experience of flying with Easyjet‌

I can honestly say that I have never had a bad flight with EasyJet and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that.

My husband and I are big people but we have no trouble getting in the seats but we need belt extenders. The seats in front cramp us in a little but we find that with most airlines anyway, if it’s a short flight, it’s not much of a problem.

The staff are always really nice and helpful when needed.

The first time I flew with them was back in 2008 when I flew on my own to France. I was petrified of flying and it wasn’t made easier considering I was on my own. I was having trouble not crying before boarding so once I got onto the plane, I spoke to a stewardess who was absolutely lovely. The flight wasn’t very long but she would come by every now and then to check on me and she must have told the rest of the cabin crew as I noticed a few of them was taking the time to check on me, especially if I was having a little cry. It meant so much to me that they seemed to be keeping an eye on me and I knew that if I did really needed one of them, they would be with me quickly.

When we went to Kos, we couldn’t pick our seats as it was all booked through Thomas Cook. When we checked in at the airport, we asked if we were sitting near each other and the lady said we had both been given isle seats but we were next to each other. She had a look at the rest of the seats and said that there were a few seats that we might be able to move to if there aren’t any last-minute bookings. We spoke to the stewardess as we got on the plan and she said she would check for us. Unfortunately, there had been a few last-minute bookings so we had to stay in our seats but I appreciated that they checked and were willing to move us if there was 2 seats together. On the flight back from Kos, we had 2 seats together so it wasn’t a problem.

When we were on our way back from Naples, we asked for belt extenders, the air-hostess came back a few minutes later asking the lady next to us if she would be willing to move to another seat so that my husband and I could have the row to ourselves. I thought that was great because I ended up with a window seat, my husband still had his isle seat and we had the seat in the middle giving us both a bit of breathing space.

So, no matter what the situation we found ourselves in, we were always well looked after. The staff know what they are doing and will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is happy.

I’ve always found booking with EasyJet to be very quick and easy. The website is very easy to follow but make sure that you put in all the correct information and click the right selections as it can be costly to make changes later on.

We have ever had snacks and a few drinks on the flights, not a meal. The food is always yummy, we have never had food that we didn’t like. My husband loves the cheese and crackers box as it’s not too expensive and he gets a nice little selection of cheese, crackers and a little pot of fruit.

Would gladly fly with them again