• suzytheexplorer

Dinner at ‌Côte Brasserie, Soho‌

I popped in here one Saturday night with my husband and his nan when my husband had a gig in a bar just up the road. It was at about 7pm and it hadn’t got busy yet so we were seated straight away.

We were left for a little while to work out what we would like to order and a lovely lady came over to take our order. I had the seafood linguini, with mussels, prawns, clams and squid. I will confess, I’ve never had mussels or clams before so went for it to be a bit adventurous and loved it. It was so delicious and tasty. Although I should have been a little more thorough with finding the shells as I thought I cracked my tooth at one point and was so relieved to see it was a bit of shell. This led me to spending good minute or so randomly stabbing my food to see if there was anymore shell bits haha.

My husband had the roasted pork belly and he thought it was brilliant.

My husband’s nan had the lamb rump and couldn’t stop going on about lovely the gravy was and the meat was cooked perfectly.

We were far too full up to have a desert but we had a look at the menu and they sounded so super yummy that we debated having one for a few minutes before giving in knowing we would end up feeling sick from overeating.

One thing I will tell you about the bill is that gratuity is added onto the bill for you and it is 12.5%. The bill didn’t come to as much as I thought it was going to be even with the gratuity seeing as it is such a posh restaurant.

My husband has since told me that we have  a Cote near us back home so I am looking forward to going to that one and seeing if the standards are the same.