• suzytheexplorer

‌Cocktails and Burgers‌

I love this place. There is always such a great happy atmosphere from the customers and staff.

You walk in and you are seated by a member of staff, all the seats are nice and comfy so it doesn’t matter where you sit but if it’s sunny, it can get a bit hot at tables next to the window so if you would prefer somewhere else and it’s not too busy, they will sit you somewhere else. They are brilliant like that.

They don’t have a huge menu but there is still a great selection of food to pick from. The portions aren’t very big but the food is really really nice, it’s worth every penny.

I can highly recommend the sweet potato fries, they were so yummy. The burgers are super yummy as well, they taste like they have been made from scratch with lots of ingredients and not dripping in fat like some places.

The cocktail list is as long as the food menu, so much to choose from, I really like the pina colada, especially because it came in a coconut once haha. They have happy hour everyday where the cocktails are half price, Monday to Thursday it is 5pm to close and Friday to Sunday is 5pm to 7pm.

You have to go on a bit of a walk for the toilet, you go down some stairs that are round the back of the bar and then follow the corridor round to the toilet.

I would highly recommend this place, it’s such a great place to go to for a drink or food.