• suzytheexplorer

A Day Out In Canterbury

I have always thought of 3 things when it comes to Canterbury and they are students, history and shopping.

You know when you have reached Canterbury as you will start to see the ruins of the castle walls and houses that were built hundreds of years ago. I love all the history, it is everywhere you go here, everywhere you look.

You can even tell by looking at some of the shops which ones are new and which ones have been standing nearly as long as the ruins. The architecture has been crafted so perfected perfectly and is still standing even after hundreds of year. A show of true craftsmanship to the people who built and created the buildings.

The cathedral is absolutely amazing and if you get the chance, definitely have a look around for a few hours. You have to pay to go in, it’s £12.50 for adults and £8 for children, they have ticket options for seniors, families, etc so book online to get the best prices.

One place that is a must for me is the Canterbury Tales, it’s so much fun for the whole family and if you keep an eye on Groupon for vouchers, it’s not hugely expensive.

Other then London, there isn’t many places that I know that have as many shops as Canterbury. Every little street leading off the high street has more shops to explore. There is every type of shop you could hope for, one being an amazing old fashioned sweet shop called Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop which has all the sweets in jars behind the counter so you can decide how many yummy sweets you want to get.

There is the Marlow Theatre with regular performances if you fancied catching a show. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a few musicals there and never had any complaints.

If you are going on a group, check out Groupon and Wowcher before going as there are usually some great deals on river boat rides, ghost walks and restuarant that may take your fancy.

Canterbury is quite easy to get as there is 2 train stations (Canterbury West and Canterbury East) and the bus station. There’s loads of parking but on weekends car parks can fill up quickly so get there early

If you like bargains, there’s are a countless numbers of charity shops, it felt like we came out of one and was going into another in less than 30 seconds.

Canterbury is an amazing place, the atmosphere is so lifting when you are walking round the streets. It’s perfect for a girls weekend away or a romantic weekend. It would be amazing to check into one of the many hotels in Canterbury, shopping and walking around in the day, maybe even go on one of the river tours to see more of the historical side of Canterbury. Go out to dinner, there is countless restaurants to pick from and go to see a show at the Marlow Theatre before going back to the hotel.

Canterbury has Canterbury College, Eliot College, Hadlow College, Kent Canterbury College and Canterbury Christ Church University so there are a lot of students during term time. We had to endure a group of about 15 students in a pub one Saturday who all sounded like they were drunk by 2pm and were all deaf as they were shouting at each other instead of talking normally. It was unpleasant but it is not the case in all the pubs in Canterbury, some are student free so they are quieter and a better atmosphere. The students mainly go into Wetherspoons pubs so stay clear of those unless you manage to go in on a “quiet” day.