• suzytheexplorer

Blind Channel - Electric Ballroom, London

Gig date - 21st of April, 2022

This was my first Blind Channel gig and I was seriously excited. I was meant to see them back in January but the tour they were on was rescheduled due to Covid. They were touring Europe with Electric Callboy, they were the main support act so thankfully I didn't have to wait long for them to come on stage.

I was so happy that the gig was at the Electric Ballroom in Camden as it is one of my favourite London music venues. I have seen so many amazing bands here over the years.

When they walked onto the stage, I couldn't actually believe my eyes. There they were, in the flesh, I had been watching videos of them live for for nearly a year so it was like a dream to finally see them for myself.

I worked it out that it had been 4 years since my last gig so being back in a venue at a proper gig felt amazing. The atmosphere was buzzing, so many happy looking faces, all looking forward to the gig and which ever band they were there to see.

I was there with my friend Roxxi, who I had met in a Facebook fan group for Blind Channel, so it was quite fitting that we were there together for our first gig.

As soon as the music started, we were caught up in the amazing energy of the band. Minutes before they had gone on stage, I was complaining my feet were really hurting but the second Blind Channel came on stage, I forgot all about it and started jumping around like a complete loon.

I was headbanging so much that by the end of their set, I had a headache haha. I was also stupid enough to not get myself any water so towards the end of the gig, I started to get seriously dehydrated and felt like I was going to pass out. Such a rookie move haha. Thankfully, I had Roxxi to grab onto when I started swaying.

Their setlist was


Died Enough For You

We Are No Saints

Over My Dead Body


Lose Yourself/Snake

Bad Idea

Left Outside Alone

Dark Side

The best songs in the set above all else were Bad Idea, Died Enough For You and Over My Dead Body. I couldn't stay still, I felt so alive. It was like the music was electricity surging through my body, waking up all the parts that had been asleep. Amazing.

The little dancy bit in Over My Dead Body that's been added in is absolutely fantastic. I haven't heard any other fans mentioning it from other gigs so I don't know how new this is but I loved it. Could definitely do with a studio recording of it for when I'm in the mood to have a boogie.

Bad Idea is a song that touched my soul from the first time I heard it so hearing it live for the first time was completely out of this world. Looking around and seeing people turning on the flash on their camera so they could wave them around to the music was beautiful, like looking at stars. I filmed this song and have watched it over and over again to relive it.

Died Enough For You was just wow, I was completely mesmorised by the song and the band all the way through this song.

I feel like I have listened to these songs a thousand times, but hearing them live is just a whole different experience. For my first Blind Channel gig, they definitely went above my expectations.