• suzytheexplorer

The 3 Island Boat Trip On The Black Pearl

The last time we were in Kos, we went on a day boat trip on the Black Pearl and loved it so much that we decided to do it again this time.

We paid 30 euros each last time but that was because we booked through a tour operator in Kardamena so it included the price of a coach transfer as well.

This time, we were in a hotel that wasn't far from Kos Town so we went to the harbour and booked directly with the staff on the boat. It was only 15 euros this time so it was a bargain when the bus is 2 euros each or 9 euros in a taxi.

We got to the boat nice and early so that we could get the seats we wanted, the trip this year was packed so we are quite glad we go there so early. We started off sitting on the top deck at the back but it was such a hot day that after a little while, we ended up sitting down stairs in the bar where it was nice and shaded.....and close to the bar haha.

They have lots of seating on chairs and benches around the boat on the top and bottom deck but they also have a lot of sunbathing mats for the sun worshipers so plenty of room for everyone.

We set off at about 10am and it was about an hour and 20 minutes before we arrived in the beautiful town of Pothia which is the capital of Kalymnos. Here you can either stay with the group to go to sponge museum and then get the tour train which will drop you off near the restaurant for lunch or you can head straight to the restaurant. As this was our second time on the trip, we skipped the museum tour and the train as last time we felt that the train was a waste of time seeing as we just seemed to see people's houses but each to their own. We decided instead to walk along the harbour front and find a nice little bar to sit in and chill out as it was extremely hot. Kalymnos is 4-5 degrees hotter than Kos and we could definitely tell.

Once we had cooled down, we walked past the town hall building and along more of the harbour to get to the restaurant so that we could have lunch a bit earlier. It is a nice little place with a canopy on the harbour wall so you have a great view. Last time the food was really nice as we both had the chicken lunch but Sean had the spaghetti bolognese this time and he said it didn't taste very nice. I had the souvlaki which was a pork kebab on a stick. It was really nice, it came with some salad, chips and rice. Other people around us had the chicken and they said it was very tasty. The only real issue we had was one of the men working there, when we walked up, he told us to sit down very abruptly before we even asked if we were in the right place and after the meal we were thinking of getting a bottle of wine and staying there for a little while longer but before we could ask, we were told to pay up for our drinks, he took our money and then just walked off. I understand that they may have had more people booked in to eat there but it unfortunately felt like we were being hurried and they just wanted us to eat and leave.

So we left after paying for our drinks and walked back along the harbour checking out the big clock tower and all the beautiful architecture of the buildings. We found a lovely little bar called Freddo's where we chilled out for a little while enjoying the views of the boats and the sea. When we had about 20 minutes left before the boat was leaving, we quickly popped into the sponge museum for a look around and so that I could buy one of their little sponges and a magnet. There was no one else there so we had the place to ourselves.

We got back on the boat and half an hour later we were on the little island of Plati where there are only 2 people that live there as they look after the little temple. This is a great place for swimming and snorkelling so taken advantage of the hour you have there. I grabbed my snorkel and got straight into the water, it was really nice and warm and I saw llooaaddss of fish. I swam into the middle of a big school of fish and it was amazing having them swim around me. They were so close that I could almost touch them but they were too quick for me lol. The big slide on the back of the boat was lowered as well so that people could have a bit of fun sliding into the sea.

Our next and last stop on the trip was to Pserimos Island which is a beautiful little island that can only be accessed by the sea and at the most has 25 people living on there. There is just a few shops, bars and a hotel so they rely quite a lot tourists coming to the island on the boat tours.

I would love to spend longer than an hour there to properly explore the town and the island. It looks like such an amazing place with plenty to offer. I have looked at staying on the island but we would need to figure out how to get ourselves and our bags there and back to Kos. I'm sure I can figure it out with an hour or 2 of online research haha.

We fancied a drink and something simple to eat, like sandwiches, and found a restaurant that didn't have anyone inside it except a family at the back so we went in. We ordered drinks and noticed the family was eating food so asked what food they were serving, the waitress said they weren't doing food and then walked away so we decided to drink up and find somewhere else to try.

We are so glad that we did as behind the first restaurant was a little restaurant called Σεβαστή Πίκου which is set back slightly from the beach. We walked up and asked if they were doing food and they honestly could not do enough for us. They made us tasty big ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches with bread that was still warm as they had come out of the oven 10 minutes before we arrived. They also cooked us up calamari which I was expecting to come out in rings but it came out as a whole squid haha. It was so delicious that we wished we had longer on the island to enjoy more of it.

We were quite sad when it was time to go back to the boat and then it wasn't long before we were turning into Kos harbour.

The 3 island trip is a brilliant day out and I would highly recommend it to everyone.