• suzytheexplorer

‌My Birthday Trip To Brighton‌

The first thing you really need to know about Brighton is that it is a student town. We went for a long weekend at the beginning of July and there were dozens of groups of foreign students taking tours of the town. There is normally about 20 in a group so they aren’t hard to miss haha.

Brighton is a very musical town, you will be hard pushed to not be able to find a pub or venue in the town that is playing live music. The big venues are The Brighton Centre, Brighton Dome and Concord 2 who regularly have gigs or live shows on.

The pier is great to walk along on a sunny day but he careful if it is a bit windy as there is not a lot of shelter. You get lots of shops doing souvenirs, sweets, jewellery and sea food. In regards to the sea food, my husband loves sea food and seeing as they are by the sea and it said fresh sea food, it turned out that it was frozen food. My poor husband was not amused. At the end of the pier you will come across the little theme park with rides for all ages and side attractions like the electric chair. There is also funny scenery for you to stand behind and poke your head through the hole to take funny pictures. They have 2 large domes that are arcades and some casino games. There is a restaurant and a bar but they are a little on the pricey side.

If you walk along the beach you will find lots of little shops, cafes and art galleries or you can just sit on the beach and relax. You can either sit on the beach, which is stones by the way, or rent deck chairs and parasols from the men on the beach. We spent the Sunday of our long weekend on the beach and had such a lovely relaxing day.  I am sorry to say that a few places along the sea front that boast fresh sea food also use frozen and it is not fresh at all so it’s always best to ask before you sit down.

The Lanes are a brilliant labyrinth of streets and alleys filled with shops for you to buy anything that your heart desires. I personally love the clothes shops, there are so many styles to choose from in the boutiques, book shops, jewellery shops Choccywoccydoodah have a shop in the Lanes as well.

There are also some great restaurants, we went to the Harvester on the sea front a few times, especially for breakfast as it was all-you-can-eat for £8 and the food is lovely. We also went to Burgers And Cocktails which is absolutely amazing, the staff were all brilliant and when they found out it was my birthday, I got a free cocktail and they told us about an offer they were doing with Malibu to get more free cocktails. We went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant called Day’s Restaurant, the thing that we didn’t know was that you can take your alcohol. There wasn’t anything on Google and there aren’t any signs so we didn’t know until we were sat at the table, the food was nice though, lots to choose from.

One thing that Brighton isn’t short of is bars and clubs. The nightlife is electric and buzzing until the early hours. Everywhere you go there are drinks offers, dancers, foam, smoke machines and a drag act or two. You really are spoilt for choice.