• suzytheexplorer

Bowling For Soup - Margate Winter Gardens

Date of gig - 22nd April 2022

It has been a while since I got to see Bowling For Soup at a gig, either I was already doing something on the dates they had or I didn't have the money but last year when I saw they were going to be touring, I booked tickets straight away.

A few days before the gig, Gary, the drummer, was experiencing some really bad health issues. They had taken him to a doctor over here but they couldn't find what was wrong with him so while we were all in the Winter Gardens rocking out with the rest of the band, Gary was on a flight back to the states to see his own doctor. It was sad that he wasn't there but his health comes first and I would rather he take care of himself to gig again another day, than push himself too much and end up worse. Jaret, the singer, got emotional during one part of the show speaking about Gary and I teared up myself. They are all so close, they are like brothers, and to see Jaret show that sort of emotion to a room full of fans really pulled on my heart strings.

I can't tell you how much joy took over me as I saw Jaret walk out on stage with Rob at the start of the show. The start of the show is always the best bit for me, the excitement of waiting for the lights to dim down, the cheer from the crowd as the band comes out on stage. It always makes my heart flutter.

I was worried that the band would play more of their newer stuff than the old classic stuff but they did not disappoint. They played some of my all time favourite Bowling For Soup songs like Trucker Hat, Girl All The Bad Guys Want, Home Town, Punk Rock 101 and The Bitch Song. All the golden oldies lol.

Hearing Trucker Hat live always brings back awesome memories for me, in year 200(cough cough) I went to see BFS in London for my birthday. I brought myself a BFS tucker hat because it was my favourite song and got it signed by the whole band. Best birthday ever.

Jaret and Rob did an acoustic set to start the show off and then Chris joined them on stage. To fill in for Gary, they all took it in turns to play the drums. Members of the support bands either played the drums or guitar so that Rob and Jaret could also take a turn playing the drums. I had no idea whatsoever that Jaret could play the drums so I loved this so much.

I get issues with my feet if I stand for too long so I was lucky enough to find a seat free in the seated section at the back of the room. I had a fantastic view from my seat so that I could enjoy the show in comfort until the urge to jump around like a loon took over haha. I grabbed my friend Roxxi and we weaved our way as close to the front as possible.

There was such an amazing atmosphere all evening, everyone dancing together, singing and having an amazing time. This is what I have really missed since Covid took over the world. The feeling of being around people all in a venue for the same reason, to listen to amazing music.