• suzytheexplorer

My long weekend at Au Vieux Puits in Villers-Bocage in France‌

This was my first stay at this hotel but my parents had stayed there the year before and loved it. So, when they asked us to go on a road trip in France with them, my mum was very insistent that we stay at this hotel.

We stayed for 4 nights over a weekend during August and it was just under 200 euros per room which I thought was brilliant.

The rooms are above a bar which has a separate entrance for the hotel part. There is no lift but there aren’t too many stairs, both my parents have trouble with getting out of breath but they manage the stairs ok.

If you want a nice view, ask to make sure you have a front facing room as you will be able to see the whole street.

I loved waking up in the morning and looking out to the quiet little town. We had fantastic weather while we were there as well so it was nice to have the sun coming through the window.

In our room we had our own bathroom, a little TV, tea and coffee facilities, a wardrobe and a lovely big bed. It wasn’t a huge room but we weren’t crammed in, we had room to move around just fine.

I liked that there was plug socks on both sides of the bed and not just on one side like some hotels that I have been to.

The bed was very comfy, no complaints there at all.

The bathroom was a bit small side, being bigger people, we had trouble when we used the toilet as it was boxed in a corner. The shower was fine, a little bit fiddly when you first put it on but alright once you get it to the right temperature.

The little town is basically the long street that the hotel is on, a few little bars and restaurants dotted around but just so you know, it all closes at about 9pm. It is very much a sleepy little town but it has so much character and everyone is lovely.

There is wifi which is quite good, never dropped out once for us during our stay.

The staff don’t speak very good English but we got by with the help of Google Translate. The lady and man who run the bar and hotel were lovely, always smiling and happy to see us.

You can either sit inside or you can sit outside in the nice seating area. We were lucky to go in August when it was very nice weather so we mainly sat outside when we were chilling out.

There is a Carrefour just up the road so we went there after we had check-in to buy some snacks bits and drinks. There isn’t a fridge in the room so we had to be careful what we brought

We had a fantastic stay and will most definitely stay again if we are having another road trip in that area.