• suzytheexplorer

The apps I use for trips

I love phone apps, they can make our lives so much easier and what better time than when a trip is involved? I am very much a Google girl, I've had a Google account for years and I don't think there are many of their apps that I don't use.

Google Maps

What better way to organise your day than plotting out the things you want to do on Google Maps so that you can fit it all in. It's great for road trips as well to be able to

plot out the places you'd like to go. Just about everything is listed on Google so it's a great search tool to find the websites of things you need.

Google Translate

My husband is brilliant at picking up the basics of a language when we go abroad but I am useless so I use Google Translate when I am in a bit of a pickle. I love that as well as translating what you want to say, it will then say the phrase so that you can either play it to someone or help you to say the phase yourself.

Google Photos

I take a lot of pictures and videos in my day to day life so you can imagine how many I take when I'm on a trip lol. I make sure that everything gets uploads to Google Photos and then I can organise them into albums so that they are easily found later on. One feature that I do like is once you have everything up-loaded, you have the option of deleted the photos on your phone. It saves so much room on my phone and they are then easily accessible on the app if I need them.


Love this app because as well as checking flights, I can plan multi-stop trips that I am planning a trip to Australia and to save a bit of time, we are going to be getting flights to a few places and Skyscanner has helped me work out a price for all of my flights..


I use Booking.com a lot for hotel stays and because I am a Genius Level 2 member, I get discounts off of some hotels. The search filter to find the perfect hotel is quite detailed as you can pick if breakfast is included, if it has a pool, wifi, free cancellation, pet friendly, no prepayment, fun things to do nearby, budget brackets and so much more. I like to fill in the filters and then click to view the results on a map so that I can then pick the best location. I sometimes plan trips in advance so I can make a list per trip and add in the hotels I find that I may want to book or have booked so that they are easy to find later on.

Trip Advisor

The perfect trip planning companian, being able to see other peoples reviews of their experiences at hotels, tours, attractions, airlines and everything else youmight want to do on a trip. You can also book through the site as well but I haven't done this before, I usually book directly through the companies website.

I hope you found this usefull and may even start using the apps for your trips.

Just an FYI, I am not sponsored by any of the companies listed above, this is my personal opinion of these apps.