• suzytheexplorer

Mistakes Not To Make In All Inclusive Hotels

I love all inclusive holidays but it is so easy to miss out or get things wrong so I thought I'd write a post about it.

1. Don't overeat

It's so easy to see all the food and think "I'm getting my money's worth" by piling your plate for every meal but it wont take long before you decide to start skipping meals. My husband and I have done this ourselves before and after a few days we end up just having breakfast and dinner. You can eat any time of the day usually from 6am to midnight thanks to normal meal times and snacks so you can just wing it if you aren't big on eating a lot.

2. Know what is included

Just because you are in an all inclusive hotel does not mean that everything is included. If the hotel has a spa, they might do a massage for free but then charge for other treatments.

The hotel might even run free shuttle buses to local attractions, in Orlando our hotel run a shuttle to Universal Studios and in some Kos hotels, they had a shuttle to the local water park, the nearest town or the beach.

If the hotel is near a beach, they may have their own sun loungers that you can use but if you try to use another hotel's sun loungers, you will get charged.

With your drinks, you will be given local brands which do sometimes taste watered down and then other times taste like they are 100% haha, but if you want big brands that you know like Jack Daniel's, Smirnoff, etc, you will have to pay extra so be careful what you order. If you have a good barman, they will tell you when you order the drinks if you have to pay extra.

3. Check out the activities

There is usually an entertainment/animation team to keep you entertained during your holiday. There will be day time activities like yoga, table tennis, bowling, etc and then in the evening there could be dancers, singers and local acts. It should all be included so why not go along and have a go, I've stayed in hotels that have had circus acts and put on a whole shows. In Fuerteventura, the animation team put on the Lion King, they did a whole stage set up, they wore costumes that look like they have been made, there was singing and dancing, it was brilliant.

4. Get to know the staff

These guys are a wealth of knowledge as they are locals and know everything about the surrounding area so they will know the best places to eat and drink when you go out. The tour operators to not book with,

5. Check the dress-code

A lot of all inclusive resorts will say that you can not wear shorts, vests or swimwear in the restaurant so make sure you have trousers, shirts if you are a man and a few nice dresses if you are a woman. They sometimes insist on men wearing shoes instead of flip flops so make sure you check out the hotel dress-code.

6. Take your own glass

My husband likes drinking pints but when we go to hotel bars, they give you beer in little glasses so we have started making it a thing that we get a big souvenir pint glass and use it in the bar. The staff don't mind and it means less trips to the bar.

7. Order more drinks

Another great bar tip is to order twice as much as you usually would. The queue at the bar can sometimes be quite long, especially in the evenings, so to save going up to the bar more than you need to, order twice as many drinks.

8. Learn the basics of the language

Learning the basics will go a long way with the locals so learn how to order drinks, say please, thank you, good morning and good evening and they will love you. In one hotel that we stayed in on a trip to Kos, my husband learnt how to order "a large beer and 2 pina coladas please" and we ended up getting table service. We didn't even have to ask for more drinks, the waiter would just suddenly appear with fresh drinks before we even finished the drinks we already had.