• suzytheexplorer

What to do after you check-in

I know it can all be very exciting when you get to the hotel and get your key or key card so you can check out your room but there are a few things that I do that I would suggest everyone doing before you get comfortable. After all, you have just paid to stay there.

Is The Bathroom Clean?

In large hotels, the cleaning crew or maid service might be short staffed or only give enough time to change the sheets, replace toiletries and have a quick sweep round. This means that sometimes they do miss things so always have a good look around in the bathroom. Take a look at the drains in the shower/bath and the sink to make sure it isn’t dirty or is clogged with hair. If you have a square shower, check the corners as they can sometimes be skimmed over. If there are lights over mirrors, make sure the lights all turn on. If you have a shower, make sure you check that the shower head is clean as well, the last thing you want is lime scale clogging the shower. The last things you need to check is the toilet, if it has been cleaned properly then the bottom of the toilet bowl should be clear.

Is The Bed Comfortable?

Not every bed in a hotel is the same, some hotels boast the bed nights sleep of your life so always check the bed but don’t just sit on it, lay on the bed in the position you know you are comfortable to fall asleep in at home. Move around into different positions and see if they are all still comfortable to you. If you have your partner with you, get them to lay on the bed with you, I had a bed once that was fine when I was laying on the bed but when my partner got on it with me, we found that the bed sloped down on my side.

Do You Have Enough Pillows?

Some hotels that I have been to have pillows that are as thin as paper and I had to ask for extra pillows because I am one of those people who likes lots of pillows so this is an important check for me. I’ve even had to get the towels out of the bathroom and put them under the pillow as there wasn’t any available. If there are spare pillows as a standard in the room, they will be in the top of the wardrobe so check there before ringing or going to reception asking for more.

Do You Have Enough Blankets?

This obviously depends on the weather and if you have air-con or just a radiator in your room. No one wants to wake up cold so make sure you have enough blankets to keep you warm. These are usually in the top of the wardrobe along with any extra pillows.

Does The Air-con Work

It may be there but does it actually work? Is it easy to work out how to use it? Make sure you know how it works and that you can hear it coming on. If you aren’t sure, check to see if there is an info folder in the room about the hotel or ring down to reception.

Is There Noise?

This one is good for anyone who is a light sleeper and the hotel is in a city. Most of the hotels will have soundproof windows so that you don’t get disturbed by the noise. Stand in the room with the window closed and listen, then go to the window and open it. Hopefully you will notice a big difference and know that the noise won’t keep you up in the night.

If any of this isn’t to your liking then you can call down to reception and ask them to rectify the problems, any good hotel will get onto it straight away. If it is for the pillows and blankets, check the wardrobe to make sure they don’t already store extra in there for you.