• suzytheexplorer

‌A heat wave in Brighton‌

On Saturday the 7th of July 2018 wasn’t only the England vs Sweden World Cup Match, it was also my birthday as well. I’d had it planned for months to go to Brighton for the day with my husband and two of my best friends so even though it felt like the Earth was two inches from the sun, we still all went down to Brighton for an awesome day out.

We got on the train at Three Bridges and because there was 4 of us, we got a group save return ticket so it was only £34.60 for all 4 of us. I booked it online as it’s so quick and easy and then all you have to do is go to one of the ticket machines at the train station with the bank card that you used to book and the tickets are printed out. Quick and easy process all round.

The train was completely packed out, we didn’t get a seat at all which wasn’t too bad seeing as it only took us 40 minutes to get to Brighton.

When we got to Brighton, the main street down to the beach was packed so we turned onto North Road, which is part of The Lanes, where is was less packed but a complete sun trap with no shade. I felt like I was melting walking down it.

We came across one of the little streets that was having a market day so me and my best mate Simmie decided to have a look around the stalls while the boys went to look around in the Guitar, Amp And Keyboard Centre. Simmie was the only one who found a good bargain which was an African print dress for £5 but there was lots of stalls with books, clothes, CDs, sun glasses, jewellery, etc to have a look around.

We found the boys in the music shop but it was so crammed and small that I took Simmie to Burgers and Cocktails which is an awesome little restaurant that my husband took me to for lunch last year. We got in 2 pina coladas before the boys joined us for a few drinks. It wasn’t lunch time just yet so it was quiet in there before the lunch time rest and we got to pick a nice table to sit at. We had a few drinks and left just as loads of people started coming in for lunch.

We walked along the road towards Victoria Gardens and the Brighton Dome. It’s a lovely big space with lots of open spaces which is great for anyone who wants to do a bit of sunbathing and plenty of trees for anyone who needs some shade.

We were going to go into the Royal Pavilion but we couldn’t find the way in and it was too hot so we opted to start walking down to the seafront instead.

The road along the seafront was absolutely packed with people. Student tours, football fans and tourists everywhere so we popped into Bar Rogue for some more drinks just to cool down and chill out before heading out again.

We walked along the seafront down by the beach where there was the little fun fair, art galleries, pieces of art, cafes, restaurants and little shops.

We stopped at Brighton Shellfish which is a little stall along the seafront. It is a little bit more expensive than some of the other fish stalls but they have a great selection and it all looks really fresh. Myself and Simmie had cockles while my husband had welks and we all loved our food.

We walked along some more and came across The Brighton Music Hall which has loads of tables with parasols, free ice cold water and live bands playing for all the customers. It was brilliant, the band that was playing when we got there was called the Beach Band and they were so amazing. The lead singer was a girl and she had such a strong brilliant voice.

It was here that we split in 2, the boys went off to find a pub to watch the football in while me and Simmie went on the British Airways i360 which was so much fun to experience. The view of Brighton and the surrounding areas was amazing!!

Once we were off the i360, we went to find the boys in Smokey’s Bar which was more or less opposite the i360 and saw the last 20 minutes of the match. We had a few drinks there and then moved onto the Fish and Chip Shop next door. We wasn’t massively impressed with this place as 2 of our meals were forgotten.

It was quite late in the afternoon and we were all tired from a long day of exploring so we decided to head home. We had such a brilliant day, Brighton is still one of my favourite places to visit.

There will be individual posts going into more detail for the bars, restaurants and the i360 so keep your eyes peeled on the Brighton page.