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A Day In London With My Mum

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Only had a little day out in London today but still had a great day. I went up with my mum so she could go to her 6 monthly hospital appointment and then the rest of our day was ours.

We had snow over the weekend so we were worried that our train would be cancelled but it all turned out fine.

When we got to London Victoria on the side where the trains come and go to places in Sussex. We took the first left to go towards the coach station and like magic, a taxi pulled up. We got straight in and went to the hospital.

Once mum was done in her appointment, we took a little wonder down Fulham Road trying to get a taxi, they seemed to be few and few between until the best taxi driver I have ever had pulled up. He had a lovely big taxi like a minibus but the seats were behind him facing back and the back seats facing forward so there was a big space in the middle. We had a lovely chat and we asked him if he knew any pubs near the Imperial War Museum that we could get something to eat before we go in. He said he wasn’t sure about a pub with good food as a lot of the streets near the museums was just residential but he did know a brilliant little café that did a decent English breakfast. So he too us there and gave us directions to the Imperial War Museum which was a 2 minute walk down the road.

The café was called The Corner Cafe and it was brilliant. There is loads of food to pick from, 3 pages worth to be exact. It took us a little while to pick what we wanted but my mum settled on steak and kidney pie with chips and peas while I had a chicken burger with chips. The food came out quite quickly, I think that is because it is a pub mainly for workers and taxi drivers and don’t always have a long break so the food has to be cooked and out to them as quickly as possible. The staff were all really nice, there was one lady that didn’t speak much English but she was still smiling.

Once we had finished eating, we walked up the road a little to find the Imperial War Museum and ended up having a quick walk through the Tibetan Peace garden and Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park where there is a huge sun dial that tells the correct time.

The Imperial War Museum was amazing, so much to see, videos to watch and some interaction bits. We were there for about 3 hours in total and had a brilliant time. I will have a separate blog post with my full review of the museum.

We were quite lucky that there was a bus stop just outside the museum so we jumped on the 148 to London Victoria train station. We drove over Westminster Bridge and saw Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

We got off a few stops before the station so that we could get a coffee and a look in the shops before going to Wasabi in the station for sweet chilli chicken and noodles to take home for dinner.

It was only a short visit but I had loads of fun. If you check out my Twitter and Facebook pages, you will find live feeds.

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