• suzytheexplorer

‌A Day In Kos Town‌

During our holiday in Kos, we kept getting told that we had to have a day in Kos Town so we got the bus there.

There’s 4 main things in Kos Town and all need to be explored.

1. The history, there are some amazing ruins that you can walk around as well as the beautiful architecture of the buildings. You can have a good look around the Ancient Agora which a large Roman forum with the ruins of houses and temples. In the harbour there is the great tree where it is legend that the philosopher Hippocrates would teach his pupils under it’s shadow. Also in the harbour, there is the 14th century ruins of Neratzia Castle which you can walk around. So plenty of history all just waiting to be explored.

2. The town square, a large open space with restaurants, shops, the mosque of Kos and the museum. It is a beautiful open space to relax for a little while and just take in the scenery. There is a huge gift shop that sells just about any souvenir with Kos on it that you could find and it’s quite cheap. We got most of our souvenirs here in the last week of our holiday and only spent about 20 euros.

In one of the little streets leading to the harbour from the town square is an amazing restaurant that I would highly recommend, it is called Avlogyros Grill House. The tables and chairs are all out in the street which is great on hot days as you have the shade from the parasols and a nice breeze coming up from the harbour to keep you cool. No matter what you order, you better be hungry as the portions are huge and the food is absolutely delicious. My husband ordered a steak and as you can see from the picture below, it was huge. I had curry which came out with rice and chips, both were delicious and it wasn’t very pricey either. My husband was getting a big 2 pint glass of beer for 2 euros, he was a very happy bunny haha.

3. The labyrinth of shops, you will definitely get a bargain in these shops, in a lot of them you will find knock offs of popular brands going cheap, make sure that you haggle, especially if you are buying a few bits. It is also very easy to get lost, my husband and I somehow went in a circle 3 times trying to get to the harbour as there are so many little streets leading off of each other with more shops and more little streets. We eventually gave in and asked a local who gave us directions.

4. The harbour, it’s so lovely to walk along by the water. There are lots of restaurants that offer a beautiful view of the water as you sit and enjoy a meal or just relax with a drink. We had a very chilled walk along and came across a sketch artist who did an amazing picture of me and my husband for 8 euros which made a very nice souvenir.

There isn’t a bus station, it’s mainly a few little bus stops so make sure that you know what stop you need and the times that the buses are running. The fares are mainly single fares, they don’t really do return fares so always make sure you have the right money on you for both journeys. The fare is mainly taken once the bus has left the stop so double check with the driver or the person helping him that you are getting the right bus before you get on.

One thing you should know about the restaurants is that there is usually someone standing outside of it trying to get people to go in. They will be all smiles, asking how you are and if you want to come in and enjoy good food and beer. If you don’t want to go in just say so and move on, we only had a few that kept trying to entice us in but gave up when we kept walking.

There is a beautiful big church near the bus stops called the Church of Agia Paraskevi, it wasn’t open when we were there but I wish it had been as I have heard that the paintings inside are amazing.

I hope that gave you a good insight into Kos Town if you are thinking of going.