• suzytheexplorer

The British Airways i360‌

As we had got the train, we got 2-4-1 tickets so instead of it being £16.50 each, it was that price for the both of us which I thought was a bargain. All you have to do is go into the office on the right hand side of the i360 and get your tickets. If you booked online, you will be able to pick a time for your “flight” but if you are just walking up, you will be told when there are available places. We were very lucky that we got there at 2:45pm and the next available slots were at 3:30pm so we were very lucky.

It is a bit like getting on a plane for a proper flight as you sort of go through security where you get a souvenir picture taken and then have security personnel check your bag and wave a metal detector over you.

Once you are threw, there is an outdoor seating area to chill out in, there are 2 of those huge deck chairs to climb up into and have your picture taken.

When it is time for your flight, the pod emerges out of the ground and one of the two sets of doors will open allowing everyone to step inside. There are TV screens inside and I was quite surprised that they were showing the England Vs Sweden game, I didn’t think they would want anyone to not take in the view because they are being distracted.

You can barely feel the pod moving up the stand in the middle, a few times there was a tiny judder but it wasn’t enough to make you lose your balance or anything like that. It doesn’t take long to get to the top where the pod stops and stays for a little while so that everyone can have a good look around and see the view.

One thing that annoyed me a little was that because the pod was round and curved, all the pictures that I took were slightly distorted or had lots of reflection in them. I heard a few people talking as I walked round saying that their pictures looked strange as well.

There is plenty of seats if you prefer to sit down while it is moving and a bar where you can get drinks and snacks that is very much on the expensive side but if it’s a treat for a special occasion, I can see why people buy a glass of bubbly.

The whole flight is 25 minutes and before you know it, you are heading back down. They don’t let you get out on the same floor as when you got on, the pod goes into the platform so that you come out level with the beach. There is a little exhibit about how the i360 was built, there’s lots of facts, pictures and videos of the construction.

Then you can walk round the gift shop and pick up souvenirs of the i360 and Brighton. When you are done, you can walk out through the little restaurant or onto the seafront.

We did have a little run in with a member of staff who ignored Simmie who was standing at the check-out, he walked straight past her to serve a couple who had walked up to the till even though he had seen her standing there for a few minutes. She complained to another member of staff and I have been told this is being looked into.

All in all though, it was a great experience and I loved the view from the top, I would highly recommend it.