Lost Zone

In November of 2021 I got a message on Instagram from Florian, the singer of Lost Zone, introducing himself and his band. He said that he saw I followed Blind Channel and that I might like Lost Zone. Didn't think much of it, followed the link he sent and OMG, my mind was blown.

I instantly fell in love with their music and have been following them ever since. 

They are 3 lovely guys from a small alpine region in Northern Italy that started the band in 2013 and built their own studio to record their music. Talk about dedication!

In March this year, Lost Zone released their album Resilience which is seriously out of this world amazing!

My favourite songs from that album are Burst Like Dynamite and Shallow Waters. The words and the music really speaks to me, like it connects to my soul. 

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing them live yet but believe me, the first chance I get, I will be there front and centre.

Screenshot 2022-04-24 6.46.17 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-04-24 6.46.34 PM.png
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