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Thank you for coming to my website and checking out my posts about my adventures around the world. I hope that they give you some ideas about the going on adventures of your own and seeing the world.

I started my blog Christmas 2017 after a friend of mine said that I should give blogging a try. I started off with a free website on Googles Blogger and got such a good response that I soon invested in my own website and registered the domain of suzytheexplorer.co.uk. 

Ever since I was little I have loved going on adventures, even if it was just a day out somewhere, and over the last 36 years I have been on some truly amazing adventures.

I used to have very bad anxiety about going to places on my own, especially to places that I didn't know but I managed to break through that when I finally had enough of not going to places that I really wanted to go to. I was fed up with missing out on doing things that I wanted to do but couldn't because it was out of my comfort zone. Then for just over a year, I ended up following a band around the country, sometimes on my own, sometimes with people and sometimes with people waiting for me at the end, but it was an amazing experience because I found a confidence in myself to do things on my own. 

Things have become a lot easier for travelling since I passed my driving test in July 2019 as I can now go anywhere I want without having to look up train and bus times lol. It's also great for spontaneous trips out just to have a little adventure.

I don't just travel to places on my own though, a lot of the time I travel with my husband, Sean. He isn't very big on travelling, perfect pair aren't we lol, but he will come with me if it's something he would like to try or if it's a holiday away. We've been together since May 2001 and I have managed to "drag" him to a lot of places so I think he is slowly getting used to it. If Sean doesn't come with me then I will go with my mum, my best friend Amy or my sister Fran.

I think that I get a lot of my adventurous side from my parents as they both love to travel too, especially my dad who loved nothing better than piling us all into the car on a weekend and taking us out somewhere.

My first big trip was going to Germany just before I was 2 years old for my parents honeymoon to see my Uncle Colin who was in the army at the time. I have no memory of it being so young but it was the first of many big trips we went on as a family. As a kid we went on holidays to France, Germany, Cyprus and Greece but we also went on little caravan holidays and my dad had a boat so I guess I should thank him for my sea legs haha.

My first big trip outside of Europe was when I went to Tasmania in 2012 with Sean and my mum. I got to meet a large group of my family that I had never met before, attend my cousin's wedding and go on awesome road trips. That's the trip that really gave me the travel bug again because before that, it had been a while since I had been on a plane or gone on a trip that wasn't for a music festival. It was also the trip that helps me get over my fear of flying, I used to cry my eyes out on take off and landing but once we touched down in Tassie, the only crying I was doing was finally meeting my family.

My favourite places in the whole world (other than home) in London and a beautiful little Greek island called Kos. Sean and I have some big adventures coming up that include Kos that we are both excited about.

I hope this gave you a little insight into me and why I love to travel. If you want to ask anything then please get in touch.

Happy travels,

Suzy The Explorer

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