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Bustling New York

The Next Big Adventure

New York City

At the beginning of January I will be heading off to New York City for the first time and I am extremely excited. I will be going with my sister and our friend so keep your eyes peeled for up-dated!

Saturday 12th October

Well, after a few attempts to upload pictures of our passports correctly, we finally managed to get our ESTA submitted. I haven't had to fill in an ESTA form for about 3 years so I'd forgotten how many questions there were to answer lol.

We had a good look through our checklist of things to sort before we go and we have done it all except the transfers. How organised are we lol.

Monday 14th October

Super excited today as my sister logged into the ESTA website and it said we have been approved! We haven't had emails to confirm yet but I'm happy with that as long as the website says we are all ok.